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Naše komnaty navozují atmosféru jako samotný zámek, který je opředen historií napříč staletími. K dispozici máte výběr z 53 pokojů, každý je originál, prostorem, plochou i orientací výhledů z oken. Můžete se rozhodnout, zda si vyberete pokojík o 20 m2 nebo apartmán královských rozměrů 110m2. Více informací »



Chateau Zbiroh is open all year


Within the exposition tour, we offer an interesting story history of the castle Zbiroh, mysterious past of the Knights Templar and circumstances almost twenty stay here Alphonse Mucha, including a visit to his atelier, where was completed Slav Epic.

During the summer tourist season you can visit the castle tour, which is mainly exterior and acquaints visitors with underground spaces and otherwise rare original Romanesque-Gothic castle.

Chateau Zbiroh in connection with the Knights Templar became famous thanks to exhibition “Face of Leonardo da Vinci – The Story of Knights Templar”, which took place in 2012. After nearly a half year when we all lived Templars and unique exhibition “Face of Leonardo da Vinci – The Story of the Knights Templars”, to the castle Zbiroh returned to its original exposure. Many of the exhibits, which formed part of the Templar exhibitions, do not left the walls of the castle, and visitors can see the original exposition enriched by some exceptional examples of the history of the Templar order.

These include the original token, the forerunner of the banking system. Renaissance lounge is dominated by top copy so-called “Lukánská” board – self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. This is a recently discovered painting, which was exhibited for the first time outside of Italy just at the Chateau castle Zbiroh!


Opening hours of the castle is Monday to Sunday from 10.00 AM to 18.00 PM (last tour at 17.00 PM).

Monday to Sunday tours every hour.

Visits of the groups should be arrange in advance on phone nr. +420 371 784 598 or e-mail .  For the groups of ten persons we offer in bulk payment discount of 10%.

Book a tour of our castle today. We look forward to meeting you!

Guided tours take place accompanied with our professional guides and we are able to provide them in Czech, also in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian language.

Price for foreign-language tour is 230 CZK per adult person (sightseeing exposition tour) and 320 CZK (castle tour). Reduced price ticket in this case is 150 CZK (exposition tour) and 250 CZK (castle tour).

Exposition tour

We will show you the history of Zbiroh chateau from its creation in the late 12th century until modern times. Interpretation of the history of the place is enriched by the history of the Templar order with some completely unique exhibits. The tour includes examples of findings from the castle well, Strousberg lounge, Masonic lounge with masonic ceremonies and Secession lounge involving the formation of Alphonse Mucha. Next, visit the unique space – Muchova monumental hall, in which Alfons Mucha, a member of the Masons, he painted his most famous work, „The Slav Epic“.

Price of the tour:

Adults 150,- CZK

Children under 6 years free

Children 6 to 15 years 60,- CZK

Children 6 to 15 years org. groups 50,- CZK

Students under 26 and adults over 65 years 90,- CZK

Family fee – 2 adults and 2 children under 15 years 310,- CZK


Castle tour

Includes fabulous mystery rooms. Hermitage – made here famous secret rituals Nazi SS groups. Dungeon, which serve like a prison. The highest representatives of the estates uprising and traitors of the land to serve their life sentences at the castle Zbiroh.

Next, walk up to the main tower of refuge from the early 13th century. Visit one of the oldest chapels in our country, with original Gothic frescoes in the oldest part. Finally, we will take you to the local unique and mysterious castle well, which is its depth of 163 meters is the deepest manually digging well in Europe!


The castle tour is a maximum of about 10 people, so especially during weekend days is recommended to reserve your tickets. You can do this on the phone nr. +420 371 784 598 or email: , where we also provide information about the availability of this tour, which can be especially Saturdays, when the castle chapel wedding ceremonies take place, limited. Please contact us, regarding further information. Thank you for your understanding!


Tours take place during the summer tourist season ever at 11:00 AM and 15:00 PM.

Adults 250,- CZK

Children under 6 years free

Children 6 to 15 years 70,- CZK

Children 6 to 15 years org. groups 60,- CZK

Students under 26 and adults over 65 years 150,- CZK

Family fee – 2 adults and 2 children under 15 years 520,- CZK